midle ear problems and solutions


CHAPTER 1    Introduction

CHAPTER 2    The Eustachian tube Irritation Concept

CHAPTER 3    The Ear

CHAPTER 4    Mechanism of Eustachian tube Irritation

CHAPTER 5    Middle Ear Disease

CHAPTER 6    Gastro oesophageal Reflux

CHAPTER 7    Allergies and Intolerances

CHAPTER 8    Risk Factors for Otitis Media

CHAPTER 9    Tympanograms and Audiograms

CHAPTER 10    Differential Diagnosis of Eustachian tube Irritation

CHAPTER 11    Sleeping Problems

CHAPTER 12    Treatment

CHAPTER 13    Grommets

CHAPTER 14    Auditory Processing Disorder [APD]

CHAPTER 15    Prevention of Eustachian Tube Irritation [ETI] & Otitis Media [OM]

CHAPTER 16    Developmental Milestones, Colour Plates, Abbreviations and Glossary of Medical Terms